An Introduction to Sphere

The Metasphere: An open and free Metaverse built on IOTA

“The metaverse” has been a hot topic as of late with tons of companies and cryptos jumping onto the hype, such as Facebook changing its name to Meta. However, for a lot of people that want to get involved in the metaverse, they have essentially two options: Sandbox and Decentraland. Now, these two projects are built on the Ethereum blockchain, and with the Ethereum blockchain there are astronomical fees.

These fees are a massive barrier for the average person wanting to get involved in crypto, let alone the metaverse… Allow me to introduce you to IOTA.

This is where it gets interesting.

IOTA is a feeless and open-source distributed ledger and cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of things (IoT). With IOTA, the metaverse will be available and open to everyone. There are no barriers to entry, a truly open and free world.

The Metasphere is being developed and created by IOTA+ AG and has visions of being the most widely used metaverse in crypto, not just on IOTA. Stefan Timter, the lead project manager at IOTA+, has a vision that “every average person or gamer can enter the metasphere without the need to deep dive into crypto and without being confronted with all the token and staking stuff. People should be able to leverage the advantages of crypto, like NFTs, without the need to dive into all the specifics. Furthermore, it would be cool to see Sphere evolve into a real metaverse, while also attracting companies, individuals, and whoever is interested…
Even collaboration with other projects could lead to that point, as the IOTA community is extremely powerful.” While the main inspiration for the project comes from Marlon Morales, the founder of IOTA+, the views and vision of the Metasphere is shared by all those working on the project!



But what are the goals of IOTA+ and the Metasphere? Well, the near-term goals are to release the concept to the public and to start the ICO of Sphericals (the native token of the Metasphere), as well as getting the minimum viable product (MVP) up and running. While the long-term goal, according to founder Marlon Morales, is “to have a huge Metaverse with its very own ecosystem and many interesting opportunities. Hang around with your friends, play games together, listen to music, and just live on your land – and all these things could be ownable as an NFT and even be created by yourself if you want.” IOTA+ and the Metasphere are looking to make waves among their competitors. “The Metasphere will change the Metaverse scene by offering free and fast transactions, it will offer vast interoperability amongst the growing community, and, most importantly, is the high level of fun and incredible utilization that will be had in the Sphere,” says Marlon Morales. Being built on IOTA has two prime advantages, it is feeless and it is going to be multi-chained, which allows for seamless interoperability between smart contract chains, and of course more but these two factors are giving the Metasphere the competitive edge it needs to make a name for itself in this rapidly evolving sector.

The Metasphere is an iteration of what the general public is expecting the metaverse to be. With the vast technological range and capabilities of IOTA, the possibilities are endless and the sky isn’t even close to being the limit!

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