Metasphere Playable Teaser

Announcing the Metasphere Playable Teaser


Explore the solar system as it was before human colonisation!

Although a teaser video can show polished game-play footage, mixed with postproduction music and celebrity voice-overs, the team at IOTAplus feels that the format is just a bit limiting. Instead, our playable teaser, available now for download, lets you walk, drive and fly through the prehistoric solar system, exploring all the planets and moons in their natural state. This solar system will form the foundation of Metasphere: A multiplanetary, multicivilisation experience where you can live, hang out with friends, meet new people, build your own home and even earn money.

In Metasphere, you can purchase land on any planet or moon, obtain mining rights on an asteroid, gather minerals, herbs and other resources, then sell them to other players, and much more, as we build out the experience in the coming months and years:

  • Bring your Ready Player Me avatar into Metasphere;
  • Play participating third-party games, carrying over your avatar and your tradeable Metasphere currency, which we call “Sphericals.”
  • Play mini-games with other online players. Race them around a track or across the solar system, or just sit in the virtual world and play a board game together.
  • Everything you craft is an NFT you own. Houses, furniture, warp-capable ships, artwork, clothing, you name it.
  • Gather raw materials to trade with other players or to craft your own vehicles and ships;
  • Craft your own mining equipment and set it up on an asteroid to automatically mine rare minerals;
  • Plant crops on your land and harvest them for biological resources;
  • Buy or craft various land-vehicles and ships for travel around the solar system;
  • Your NFTs are tradeable in-game and on open exchanges.

Metasphere will be a creative, engaging and visually stunning experience for players to gather in harmony or (friendly!) competition. The capital city will be a sprawling metropolis for you to explore, and each planet and moon will have its own theme, towns and history to enjoy.

For now, though, download the playable teaser, fly around and enjoy the views of the raw solar system! This is a very early-stage game-world, of course, and is subject to change, but the teaser will give you a feel for the graphics style, the planetary ecosystems and the vast scope of the game we’re building. It will also let you decide which planet is right for you, when the NFT land goes on sale!

The tokenomics and whitepaper of the Spherical coin is available here.